Charis Health Center was founded in the spring of 2007 by the InterChurch Council of West Wilson County. Out of desire to actively fulfill the Biblical mandate to care for the sick, awareness of needs of those who are working but without healthcare in Wilson County became evident.

  • Contacts with other clinics for the¬†working uninsured showed that the need was critical, especially in Wilson County, where no such clinic existed.
  • Clinics in Davidson County track persons coming for care from Wilson County because of the unmet need there.
  • The Wilson County Health Department confirmed the need particularly in the western part of the county where they are not adequately serving due to their service overload.
  • Hospital administrators confirmed that their emergency rooms are overloaded with charity care, with Summit Medical Center providing over $4 million charity care in the first quarter of the year.
  • The elementary school principal at WA Wright School in Mt. Juliet, TN confirmed that 50% of the children there are on the federal lunch program since they are coming from low income families from the West Wilson County area.
  • The Mt. Juliet Chamber of Commerce did a survey that revealed a substantial number of businesses that do not offer insurance and/or who have employees with no health insurance.


Based on this background information, a team of 8 persons met weekly in the summer of 2007 to formulate the mission/objectives/structure of Charis Health Center. Charis charges an office visit fee of $25.  Charis believes if patients contribute toward their healthcare, they will become more accountable for their health.

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